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I'm Yuan Chen, I design

I'm an Experience and Service designer. Currently I freelance for my own clients, helping them invent and reinvent businesses. Before that I was an Interaction Designer at Google and worked as the UX lead for Billion Acts, a non-profit nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm also the Design Director of BlackLab, a microbrewery startup in Barcelona.

Passionate about collaborative and data-supported design, I focus on creating simple and meaningful solutions.

They say 👌

Yuan is someone you want on your design team. He quickly picked up new/complex concepts, rapidly explored design spaces, and consistently delivered high quality results. Stakeholders from many different groups sought to collaborate with him. Through his individual work, and the mentorship he provided to junior team members, Yuan elevated the quality of work being produced by the UX team.

Justin Reid

Senior Interaction Designer at Google

Yuan is a talented, experienced, interaction designer who I worked with at Google while I was a contractor. He has excellent creative abilities and is highly experienced in creating wireframes, prototypes, assets, and visual designs. Yuan excels at learning new skills that will allow him to take his designs to the next level. He always got the work done. Yuan also goes above and beyond with everything that he does. Whoever gets to work with him is considered lucky!

Joanne Wong

Former Interaction Designer at Google

UX Designer at Hello Fresh


I've worked with great teams from global corporations, startups to innovation agencies, including Google, Adaptive Lab, One Billion Acts of Peace, Code and Theory, Nile, and many more.

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