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I'm Yuan Chen, I design

I'm a UX and Service designer based in London. Passionate about data insights and absorbed by people interactions and their relationship with technology, I create simple and delightful solutions with a focus on scalable design systems, brand development and social innovation. Currently, I freelance for global companies, design agencies and startups, helping them research, invent and future-proof their businesses.

Before that, I was an Interaction Designer at Google, where I solved complex back-end problems that metamorphosized into elegant enterprise tools; and I led a globally distributed product team at Billion Acts of Peace, a non-profit organisation nominated eight times for the Nobel Peace Prize with the mission to inspire individuals to initiate acts of kindness.

I was born in Shanghai, grew up in a coastal town in the northwest of Spain, and was awarded with the Davis Foundation scholarship to study Graphic and Interactive Communication at Ringling College of Art and Design in the United States.

In my free time, I go to places, mostly on hikes, or wake up early to bake sourdough.

Feel free to drop me a line at hola@yuanchen.es or connect on LinkedIn.

What they say 👌

Yuan is someone you want on your design team. He quickly picked up new and complex concepts, rapidly explored design spaces, and consistently delivered high quality results. Stakeholders from many different groups sought to collaborate with him. Through his individual work and the mentorship he provided to junior team members, Yuan elevated the quality of work produced by the UX team.

Justin Reid

Senior Interaction Designer at Google

Yuan is a talented, experienced, interaction designer who I worked with at Google while I was a contractor. He has excellent creative abilities and is highly experienced in creating wireframes, prototypes, assets, and visual designs. Yuan excels at learning new skills that will allow him to take his designs to the next level. He always got the work done. Yuan also goes above and beyond with everything that he does. Whoever gets to work with him is considered lucky!

Joanne Wong

Former Interaction Designer at Google

UX Designer at Hello Fresh


I have been fortunate to have worked with super talented, cross-disciplinary teams at global corporations, agencies and startups. I would love to show you all the effort and thought invested in all these projects, but due to confidentiality reasons, I am unable to post the process publicly. If any of the following projects ignites a flame, then say no more, let's meet for coffee or a Hangouts.

Selected projects

Transforming back-end systems into a happy-end experiences

Problem: In spite of the large size and business impact of Google sales teams, which consists of more than 10,000 employees internally, they had never been supported with a user-centred application. Instead, they had been struggling with a messy ecosystem of internal tools that grew without a product strategy.

My role: In an agile environment with researchers, PMs and engineering, I acted as the interaction designer leading the redesign and simplification of existing back-end systems into one single Customer Relationship Management solution. My work spanned across all aspects from building a UX roadmap and OKRs, streamlining and unifying IA, building a component and pattern library which contributed to the Material Design language, and identifying opportunities for better collaboration amongst colleagues who have been siloed by the corporate structure. Through initial concepts, data models, and medium-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes, my work gathered insights which defined the product requirements and guaranteed a successful product launch.

Results: When this new centralised application was launched, CSAT increased by 2.2x compared to previous tools and the sales teams closed more than over $59 billion each year.

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Reinventing mortgage applications through better conversations

Problem: Current mortgage applications are robotic – you spend three to four hours on the phone speaking to an adviser who is reading a script. Buying a house is a bit commitment so it shouldn't feel transactional.

My role: With the objective to make conversations more natural, I worked as the lead UX designer to further understand both the needs of Barclays mortgage advisers and requirements from the business, in order build hypotheses for interaction and service models. Through rapid, interactive prototype sprints, I was able to identify key functionality that would replace many manual processes and workarounds.

Results: The proposal is currently going through implementation of an pilot to be tested and scaled.

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Repositioning HR as a service provider

Problem: Companies that have been through mergers and defrags leave a messy trace of legacy processes and systems. Many problems arise as a result, including manual workarounds, incorrect data, and ultimately huge business losses. At Barclays, due to lacking and inadequate technology, both employees and managers have been struggling to move internally, resulting in higher talent attrition and low employee satisfaction.

My role: As a service designer, I planned and conducted end-to-end evaluation of the existing service through interviews and workshops with customers, service providers, and stakeholders, based across the UK, US and India. A global perspective was essential for both client engagement as well as for highlighting variants across geography and divisions. Following an intesive research phase, my work included analysis of current data models and systems, so that painpoints connected with existing processes and customer needs could be identified. I created hypotheses of key opportunities and change drivers affecting the organisational design, which I tested through both digital and service prototypes, including cognitive walkthroughs and simulations.

Results: My work informed the next phase of work, which was building a functioning pilot with a small group of customers.

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